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About Informfully

Informfully is an app that offers you the most recent news from Swiss news outlets. The app is part of ongoing research in the domain of media consumption and AI. The goal of this research is to better understanding the impact of automated news recommendations on user engegement and satisfaction.

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Informfully offers you instant access to free as well as payed news sources. You receive frequent updates on the most recent and relevant stories to make sure you are always up to date.

Multimedia content

Enjoy news the way you like it! Articles, podcasts, videos, and more! Informfully provides you with a diverse set of news across a wide range of different topics.

Contribute to science

By using the app you actively contribute to science. You help us better unterstand how media consumption and reporting influence forming of opinions and user engagement.

Use it for your own research

You can use Informfully for free in your own research. It can be custom-tailored to your prefereces and experimental design. Feel free to reach out to us:

How do I get started?

Register an account

Informfully is currently only available within the context of controlled user experiments. Please reach out to use via to get preview access to the app.

Install the app

To take part in the study, an Android or iOS device is required. Download the app from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. Simply download the app and get start.

Complete the survey

Before using the app, you first need to complete a survey. Please be as accurate as possible. Your replies allows for providing you with the perfect news.

Read, rate, repeat!

Using the app on a regular basis allows us to better understand the impact of news recommendations. Read and rate articles and send us your feedback.

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Download Informfully

Informfully is availabe for Android and iOS. The download is free. To get access to the full set of features, you need to be enrolled in a user study. Send an e-mail to to get full access.